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Combined Report - Availability and Statisics in 1 place


Before this network engineer spends countless hours trying to learn SQL, has anyone already built something similar to this that I can plagiarize, and modify to fit my own needs.  I need a report, very similar to the 10.2 version of "Interface Availabilty" that shows node or group availability and interface statistics.


"Group"  "Availability"  "Node"  "Availability"  "Interface"  "Availability"  "Peak util"  "Avg util"  "Business hours util"

Site1          99.9%      Router1        98%          s0/0/0:0         98%           100%          50%                75%

Site1          99.9%      Switch1        100%         g0/0               100%         25%            5%                  20%

Site2 - same as above

Many thanks in advance...


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Community Manager

Re: Combined Report - Availability and Statisics in 1 place

Hi deverts--

You have some options here.  The Content Exchange and Report Lab forum would be a good place to search through for the specific type of report you are looking for.  Also, there is a recent discussion here on combining two reports (similar to what you're looking for).  The people on that thread might be of some assistance as well.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Combined Report - Availability and Statisics in 1 place


I have used ugly SQL syntax to achieve my requirement.

I have wrote two SQL query and UNION results.

1. Create SQL query for host availability.

2. Create SQL query for application availability

3. UNION both Query result to display them in single report.


I know its sounds ugly but it works! for me. also if you know some sql stuff then you can store result in temp table and later call them to represent on one page.

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