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Clean Install of newer Orion version -Can I restore a DB from an older version on the new DB server?

Have an existing Orion 2019.2 HF3 deployment x4 boxes (x2 pollers, x1 web, x1 db)

Building all new VMs with intent to install the latest/greatest Orion setup (NPM, NCM, UDT,NTA) on the new VMs as the existing environment fails upgrade every time.

Can I restore my 2019.2 HF3 database to the new DB server and will it work/upgrade when I bring it into the new 2020.2.1 HF <#> installation?


Existing environment =  2019.2 HF3

New VMs target environment = 2020.2.1 HF<#>


I explained the same intent to support.    They stated this will work.  I'm always in fear of a misunderstanding of what my current environment is and upgrade intent is.

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Yes, you can do that restore the backup to the new SQL server, and download the latest installer from the customer portal onto your new application server. Run the installer after the first part finishes the config wizard will open and you will point that to the new SQL DB with the restored DB see below for KB's.

Product Upgrade Advisor | SolarWinds Customer Portal

Orion Platform Migration Guide (