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Level 17

Cisco views default to ASA

We have a number of non-Cisco ASA devices that are identified solely as Cisco, however, on occasion when selecting these devices the view that comes up is the ASA view.  I then go into Views by Device type and change Cisco from the ASA View to (default) which fixes this for a while, but without fail it will switch back on it's own.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Has anyone found a permanent fix for this?

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Level 13

For me, that came down to the device type falling to just Cisco, not a specifically identified model.  I had to look at the admin views by device type settings and make sure that was not on "(default)" but set to "Node Details - Summary".  That fixed the problem for me.


John Handberg

ok I may have to do that then, I've been setting it to (default) and then after a day or so noticing it gets set back to ASA.

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It is worth noting that the last NPM update we did reset this and I had to go back and change it again.  So some updates seem to change my desired settings.

John Handberg
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