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Cisco adslAtucCurrAttainableRate and adslAturCurrAttainableRate

Hi all,

I have a Universal device poller setup and working on a ~100 Cisco 877 routers to collect the above values. Recently our ISP started using what appears to be 880 routers at our new sites. The data returned from these appears to be backwards. As in adslAtucCurrAttainableRate looks like it is returning the upstream speed and adslAturCurrAttainableRate reporting the down stream speed. Would this be a router configuration issue? Or is it more likely I'v set something up wrong in SolarWinds?

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Did you every get any closure on this as I am seeing the same.

Adslatuc is about 1.1Mbps

Adslatur is about 16Mbps

I was expecting the reverse readings

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I don't have any of these anymore. But pretty sure I worked around it by setting up another set of pollers and another custom tab with the graphs labeled correctly.

Thankfully we don't have any ADSL services anymore

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I guess this is a really strange one.

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One more bump..

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