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Cisco Switch Stacks

Is there a way to add custom properties (asset tag info) to the individual switches in a switch stack?

I am looking to add the info and be able to grab it in some reporting.


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Here is an example of how mine looks.

Just copy and duplicate the  Cisco 3750 Stack - Physical Entity and edit the dynamic query to match mine

Cisco Inventory example 2.PNG

Cisco Inventory example.PNGsolarwinds dynamic query.PNG

I was able to get it working.  Thanks,

grantallenby​,  I found this report.  I like the information here but want to manipulate it a bit.  Do you know of a way to get into the code of the reports to work with it? 


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I built a report that will take an inventory of all Cisco devices including SFP's, Power Supplies, Fans and Modules for the Cisco Contract. If you need it email me and I can send it out to you.

I'd love to have a look at this as well....

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I'd love to have a look at that report if possible.

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If that's going for all I would like to take a look at it?

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Hey CourtesyIT​,

Which bit are you after?

Do you just mean getting the SQL/SWQL of the web report like you could do with report writer? If so the below will help.

"access the Orion server that hosts the web console and launch the Log Adjuster tool.

From Log Adjuster, enable all items related to Orion Hubble, click apply.

Then, launch the web report on its own browser tab/page.

You'll notice that there's a section that you can expand to see all the details from Orion Hubble.

From those details, you'll be able to see the SWQL used for generating the web report.

Copy the SWQL query and save it to notepad or somewhere.

Go back to Log Adjuster and disable any Orion Hubble stuff, hit apply."

Credit to ekis​ for the above, if it is what you're after.

Let me know either way

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Level 13

This what you're after?


That I already have, though I would like to get a custom property in there to add asset tag info to each switch in the stack.

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Ahh okay! Mmmm I don't think there is away without playing about with the Database however I'm sure I might be corrected.

You could also add the asset information to the main interface of each switch and the add in an extra field of the report linked above? Not the best way round it but its an idea. I will have a play an see if I can find an easy way

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The only way I can see so far would be to add (up to) 9 new fields in the custom property editor, and add the asset tag for each individual switch in that stack, but that would be an ugly solution.

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Might have found a way If you type in stack into reports you should see a Cisco one that has already been done by Solarwinds. In there, there is a field called Asset ID. One would assum that if you added an ID on the physical device under Asset ID it would display in that report... Or change the device description in the CLI


If that is what you're after here is how to report on the serial numbers

I have a feeling its NPM 12 and onwards only

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Got that already, though I would like to add info to the report, so when I pull serial #s it can also pull the (custom) asset tag info

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