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Cisco Process MIB

Hi - I've been using the Solar Winds Orion MIB browser to try and identify the CPUs on a Catalyst 6509-E switch. NPM reports that the switch has five CPUs, one of which is at 98% utilization. I got down into the CISCO-PROCESS-MIB and found what I believe are the five CPU instances, labeled as cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.1, .2, .3, .4 and .5. Each of these has a value reported: 7017, 7001, 3001, 2001, 1001 respectively. Problem for me is that I don't know what these values represent, so I'm no further ahead in troubleshooting the high-utilization CPU.

Does anybody have any experience with this sort of thing?


Jon Koelker

Oyster River School District

Durham, NH

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That OID name seems to indicate that those are just the indices of the CPU's in the device, not the values themselves.  Check this out for some better OID's to track.

How to Collect CPU Utilization on Cisco IOS Devices Using SNMP - Cisco

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