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Level 7

Cisco 819HG-4g-A-K9

Hello all,

been trying to get cell signal rssi info off of this router in a universial device poller but unfortunatly the MIB browser dialog tells me the OID is not supported even though i can see it in the browser and assign when testing against the router.

I can see the data on the router:

Mobile-ATM#sh snmp stats oid | inc c3gGsmNearbyCellRscp          

20:40:18 UTC Nov 14 2013        84                     c3gGsmNearbyCellRscp

so i have to think that the lack of support is at NPM...

any help greatly appreciated


oid noob

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Level 17

Are you using GET or GET NEXT when trying to poll? A screenshot of the dialog / error would be excellent.

had to update IOS to c800-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M1.bin" the rest is below

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There is a bit of a difference in the name, which may mean the actual OID on the device differs from the one in the NPM MIB DB.  You may want to use the SNMPwalk.exe tool from the Orion install directory and compare the value from the device to the output and take that OID and use it in the UnDP.

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thaqnks for pointing that out but, I believe that is because I was looking at a different OID in the original post, was as close as I could find on that particular IOS.

the one shown in the screenshot above works as it should with the UnDP.Capture.JPG

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Ok so you are getting results now?

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yes thanks!

sorry for late reply

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