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Cisco 6509 POE

I have several Cisco 6509-E switches with POE 1Gb cards.  I would like a way to get the data from SNMP  from the SHOW POWER USED or SHOW POWER AVAILABLE commands in order to graph it. 

We are deploying a VOIP solution later this month and seeing the load on the power supplies would help greatly.

I have been all over Google and Cisco's site (plus Thwack) and have not found a reference to this data.

An OID or even the MIB name would be helpful


Orion NPM 9.5 SP2

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For the power supplies and total switch load you can get it here -
Bear in  mind these values are in centiAmps at 42V so you have to do a bit of calculation here to get the loads.

I think this UNDP poller was already uploaded somewhere on the content exchange - if not let me know and I'll upload mine.  It gives the percentage of power used, amount of watts in use and how much is left.

This works for all CatOS and IOS 6500/E series switches (may work for others too but I know it doesnt for 3560/E switches).

If you're looking for Port POE values you can find everything you need under here - - you'll need a newish version of CatOS or IOS to get this data (and this works for 6500/E and 3560/E and probably others too).

Hope that helps

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Hi Sean-

I can across this old Thwack article and was interest in your UNDP. I couldn't find it on the content exchanged. Could you upload it if possible?



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Does hte Feature in 9.5 SP2 EnergyWise did not work for you?


2.) page 95 of admin guide 


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Energywise is not available yet for Catalyst 6500's according to Cisco's site (I checked the feature set of the latest 6509-E Sup32/PISA code).

So for now Energywise seems only to apply to 3750 and 4500's.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

bobdawonderweasel is correct, EnergyWise is currently only supported on the 2k, 3k and 4k line of Cisco PoE devices.

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Hi Bshopp,


I have currently more than 400 switches and a complete voip setup and i am in the process of implementing energywise config to all switches upgrading to the latestet IOS version

I would need your help in configuring energywise and what is the best way of approach

i have latest NCM and NPM installed

Can you let me know if you have time to discuss on this?



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Product Manager

Sure, I can discuss, if needed send me a private message.

However, here is some basic info for the greater community and hopefully this helps you.  Here is a link from Cisco that may help, see here

So at the chassis level make sure you have EW enabled, below is an example configuration

energywise domain <your_EW_domain> secret <enter level here 0 or 7> <shared secret>
energywise importance <enter importance level choose 1-100>
energywise level <enter level choose 1-9>
energywise name <choose name>
energywise role <enter role name>
energywise management 43440

And then configure it at the port level

interface FastEthernet1/0/23

 energywise level <enter level choose 1-9>
 energywise importance <enter importance level choose 1-100>
 energywise role <enter role name>
 energywise keywords <enter keywords>
 energywise name <choose name>

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Hi guys,

Can some one post the energywise config to be done on the 3560 switch.

I have upgraded to the latest version of IOS

I am yet to install NCM which i am planning for next week

I would like to test this before that to see how it goes

Please post complete config for switch and interfaces




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