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Cisco 3750 and 3560 stacks - can Orion monitor these ????????????

what gives with trying to use SNMP to these STACK switches?

why would they have configuration settings to enable SNMP if you can't poll them?

anybody found the solutions to monitor these with Solarwinds?

one more thing - if i traceroute to one of them why do they have one extra hop, which by the way is duplicated. this puts addtional overhead in response time. (built in latency - grrrrrr)



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What OID are you using to monitor the stacks on these?

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Yes, Orion can monitor these switches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

There are many reasons why the SNMP polling might be failing.

  • Is there a Firewall between the polling server and the switch?
  • Is there an ACL in the switch config allowing SNMP polling from only certain IPs (best practice for security).
  • Are the community strings setup correctly?
As for the extra hop, you can't blame that on Orion.
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i already am monitoring some of these models but these particular ones giving me the grief happend to be in Stacks.

there is no firewall nor ACL involved here and strings are confirmed.

i realize the extra hop isn't a Solarwinds issue - but maybe someone in the Thwack World out there has seen this and had the experience.


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I have lots of experience with these switches. I have over 100 3750s in stacks, and quite a few 3560s as well. All of which are being monitored with Orion. If you would be willing to post the configuration from one of the switches you're having an issue with (minus any sensitive information) I would be happy to look it over and point out any potential configuration errors that might explain the problems you're having.

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 Do you get alerts when one member of the stack goes down? We don't with our current setup.

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 Do you get alerts when one member of the stack goes down? We don't with our current setup.

I would think if you check the Stackport(s) in List Resources, that you would get an alert when one goes down.  I am just guessing that these are the ports on back.   I also see a StackSub-St-1, but we don't have those checked.  I don't have a stack I can test with either at this time.

 I would think another way you could do it is using the syslog server.  When a switch goes down it should log it and you could trigger an alert off that.


You could just wait until users start calling ;).
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this answers a question i have about monitoring switches in a stack. But, when I list resorses i dont see a check box for Stack Ports appart from a recently upgraded ios on a stack. im asuming this is related and i need to upgrade the ios on all my 3750's or is there something else i need to enable on the switch?

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 Yes, you need to upgrade your IOS.

The minimum code required on your 3750s for Orion to see the Stack port is -  12.2(25)SEE2 must walk before you can run.

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....well - am i red faced?...duh

 the SNMP string was passed on to me as lowercase, but it is actually inside the configurations as uppercase.

once i tried it uppercase it works great - problem solved - thanks for the replies..


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