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Cisco 3650 stack not showing any Data under Switch stack tab


I have an issue  with monitoring my 3650 Switch stacks.

I have noticed that the CPU usage on the stack node has no bearing in reality






And the switch stack tab is full of " Data not available" widgets, only the avg. CPU and Memory has data.

The node view type is default


And I am running NPM 12.2

Am I doing something wrong do i need to configure anything for the stack monitoring to work?

According to this link "Success Center​ " I shouldn't have to.

Can some one help me ?

Regards Jens

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Level 16

Hi Jens

Are you using  the OOB (out of the box) poller to that cisco ?

1.If there is better OID to get the CPU % stat. you could use Studio. 

Manage pollers using Device Studio

2.syslog /trap could be use to alert that the CPU is running 100%..

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Check this out. This feature request has info on how to set it up.

There are a bunch more feature requests for the same thing.

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Hmm correct reporting of CPU util shouldnt be a Feature request.

And i know that my 12.2 software is getting old but I would like to hold of upgrading just now.

I will open a case for this to see if we can get this working

Regards Jens

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I don't disagree but until the software can do it, you can see if they'll add it in by voting on a feature request for it.

Let us know how you go.

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