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Level 9

Check activity of isdn-dialer


has somebody an idea, how I can check the activity of an isdn-backup

(Cisco-router with dsl-main line  and an isdn-backup) ?  I need the information, if a router is using the isdn-backup - instead of the dsl-line



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Level 9

1) Configure your router to support SNMP traps to Orion

2)  Set your Node to monitor the ISDN BRI interface (add the BRI interface to be polled).

3) Use the Universal Poller and setup the Poller designed by daxvancamp (much thanks dax)


Download the poller and save it to your server.  Open Universal Poller and import the poller. Next open defined Pollers/Cisco/isdnBearOperStatus and use the "Assign Pollers" tab above to add the routers you need to poll.

4) Configure it on your  Orion page by selecting the Poller under "Summary Reports" then "Universal Device Poller Summary status".  Click Submit

5) Click Preview on the setup page

6) Click on "click here" and select "isdnBearOperStatus" in the "Universal Device Poller" drop down menu. Click submit.

7) Celebrate!

Hope this helps provide clarity for everyone doing ISDN backups.


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Level 12

We do this with Traps today and we get alerted pretty quickly.

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