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Level 8

Changed poller server name and now cannot acccess

During a server upgrade we changed the server name from den-orionapp1 to den-orionapp.  We saw issues with polling and during research found that the engines table contained entries for both the old and new server name.  We deleted the reference to the old server and now cannot access the application. Any thoughts on how to resolve would be appreciated.

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Level 9

Does anyone know if this is still the case with latest NPM version - is there still a requirement for backend changes when changing server hostname?

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Hi Tim Champion yes, updating hostname is still part of the server change. hence, it is important to have this document checked and followed:

hope that helps

Level 12

you will probably have to re-register and get a new license for your server.

the server name is part of what they lock the license too.

and yes in the database you can manually edit the engine table to reflect the new name

you will need to re-run the configuration wizard to repair the rest of it then.

If you had IIS on the same server then you might have to back out the IIS and reload in on the server because IIS will have many fits over the name change also.  Stuck this separate as it is not an issue with Solarwinds product but with the Windows.

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In case anyone else is wondering, we talked about this in a support ticket. The issue is that changing the engines table does not change the websites table. You can either manually change it, or just run the Configuration Wizard, then opt to repair only the website. This will make all the changes needed and update IIS appropriately.