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Level 8

Change setting widget " All Alert"


I would like to change the setting of the "All Alerts" widget. I would like him to sort on the parameter "active time" and not on Severitie.

pastedImage_0.png  pastedImage_2.png

I would also like it to display just the alerts that start with Safenet or Netword or whatever.


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collombons​ & roga​ I recently had the same issue myself, needing to sort by active time, seeing the most recent on top. I could not figure a way to get the widget to save the sort order, so I went digging.

Anyone looking for a workaround, just edit the following file, and change the default.

(This will change the default sort on all of the "all alert" widgets, but at least they will not change... or at least not until you re-run config wizard.)


Search for:


Now you just need to change the number for "sortColumns" (the default is 7, for "Severity")

image (12).png

Additionally, you can change the default "desc" to "asc" to sort them with newest alerts on top, and oldest on bottom.

This modification worked for me, using the following product versions:
Orion Platform 2018.4 HF3, SCM 1.1.0, NCM 7.9, NPM 12.4, DPAIM 11.1.1, VMAN 8.4.0, SAM 6.8.0, NetPath 1.1.4

Remember, running the config wizard will revert the setting(s) back to default.

Thank you,




Not getting this to work, do I need to restart something or just wait?

The widget is still reverting to the severity sorting order.




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@martin.lkab You might need to refresh/clear cache. Also, if you have multiple web servers, you will need to make the changes, and clear cache, on all web servers.

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Ok, well now I feel stupid.

Ofcourse that resolved it, @wluther 


Thanks alot for this tweak, my engineers will love this.




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Hi wluther​ - Just to confirm it is working with the following lab environment:


- David Smith

Thank you for the update/verification, dgsmith80​.

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wluther! Thank you!

Bildergebnis für you are the best gif

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Additionally, this will need to be changed on any/all additional web servers you have running.

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Level 10

We also want use the modern "All Alerts" widget, but not with this sorting!

Our casenumer 00298223.

Does anyone know in which file this widget is stored? I would like to adapt myself.

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