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Cant use Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP poling method with local account

I have a server off the domain which i have a local administrator account on, but I cant get the Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP polling method to work.

I have checked, double cheeked, and triple checked the account name and password, but cant get it to work.

I have tried user name with "servername\user" and "user@servername" and those don't work either.

Is there a trick to get Windows Servers: WMI and ICMP to work with local accounts?

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Level 13

Hi, try to check your credentials and access rights with WBEMTEST.EXE utility. Specify remote address and correct credentials.


In case you have some error, please follow WMI Troubleshooting

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I get the following error when connecting with wbemtest.exe:

Number: 0x800706ba

Facility: Win32

Description: The RPC server is unavailable.

Not sure if it is a problem with RPC on the remote server, or just a symptom of trying to use a local account to authenticate.

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sounds like your local admin account is not setup for remote access capabilities

you dont really need an admin account to read WMI data

either try making a normal user account with remote access capability

or just get a domian user account to use for monitoring via remote access

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Have you checked this microsoft site?

0x800706BA - RPC Server Unavailable 

- Firewall issue or server not available. The computer really doesn't exist · The Windows Firewall is blocking the connection

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