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Cant add Device to Orion

He have over 100 devices already being monitored in our Orion system. We are trying to add a new Router for B2B connections.

Even though we have opened all ports and in the firewall (This router exists in a different zone) It still will not allow us to add this device into Solarwinds.

The only difference I am noticing on this device is that we have set it up as a backup interface with the same IP, but that backup interface is naturally in a standby/down mode.

Is there anyone that has ever had this issue or knows what we may be missing. Any advance is greatly appreciated

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Level 8

We figured it out,

We have a hybrid ASA/FMCv for this company we support, we forgot to put a statement in the CLI for this access, it is now working.

Sorry about that and thank you for the quick replies and all your help

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Do you have ICMP open on the firewall, or at least for testing.

Can you ping from the poller to the new device?

Since your device has multiple IP's are you setting the SNMP source interface to and up and operational interface, and is that the IP you are using when trying to add the node?

If so, recheck your policies/rules on the firewall.Check log entries on the firewall ( if you have deny and log statements) and see what traffic if any is being denied.
Are the zones setup for bi-directional/ state full (ACK) traffic. I've seen some pretty well hardened firewalls that you have to have rules in both directions.

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are you able to do an SNMP walk to the device from the Solarwinds Polling Engine you are attempting to add the device to? what does that say when you attempt to conduct a walk?

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