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Cannot get LLDP info from my Calix Switches

I have a bunch of Calix E-520 and E7-2 swtiches that I would like to get mapped out. I'm having to link everything manually in Orion Maps. We also have NTM and that is also not linking anything at all.

Here is an LLDP Agent setting on one of the 10gb ports.



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More importantly would be what information is available via SNMP for LLDP.   If you go into SWQL studio, you can look at it by doing a simple query.  Or, if you add this as a "Custom Query" resource to the Node Details page it will give you a bit nicer output that's specific to a node.

SELECT LLDP.RemoteIpAddress AS [IP Address], RemoteSystemName AS Device, RemotePortID AS [Remote Interface], (SELECT N2.DetailsURL from Orion.Nodes N2 WHERE ((LLDP.RemoteSystemName LIKE CONCAT(N2.Caption, '.%')) OR (LLDP.RemoteSystemName = N2.Caption))) AS [_LinkFor_Device]
FROM Orion.NodeLldpEntry LLDP
JOIN Orion.Nodes N ON (N.NodeID = LLDP.NodeID)

WHERE (LLDP.NodeID = ${NodeID}) AND (N.IPAddress <> LLDP.RemoteIPAddress)

If Orion isn't getting anything from them, you might want to check that the poller is assigned.  I think it's the "Topology: Layer 2" poller for this.   Go to "Settings" and "Manage Pollers", then by this poller is should say XX Nodes in the "Assignments" column, click on that and make sure these nodes are getting assigned this poller.


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Well... this is fantastic. Any idea what OIDs it polls?




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Yup unfortunately some vendors simply don't publish that data into SNMP either in the manner SolarWinds expects or at all. Here's a link to the success center that details out how SolarWinds will find this info.
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Super late reply, but is there any where I can define this manually? Tell SolarWinds what the Layer2 and Layer3 Links are?

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