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Level 9

Can you embed individual resources (e.g. Map/Alerts/Utlization) onto another website?

Hello guys,

I am not sure if this has been asked or answered before, I couldn't find any related subjects but then again my searching skills are quite average!

We are creating a portal in our company and we would like to embed specific parts of our solarwinds website. We don't want to grab the whole website and embed it there on an iframe, instead we want to grab individual resources, stripped of the top logo and menus or any other surroundings. We still want links functionality though, meaning that if you would click on anything "clickable" on a solarwinds resource, it would still take you to the target element/resourcee. Has anyone here managed to do it? Is it possible?



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Level 12

Yes with a little html coding.

  1. Create a readonly account (or use the directlink account).
    • I used WebViewer / readonly
  2. Get the base url of what you want to view
  3. Modify the url to incorporate the username / password
  4. Wrap the url into an iframe in an html page
    • <html>

    • <head>

    •   <META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="30; URL=dashboardwatch.php?id=1&index=1">

    •   <style>

    •   *{margin:0;padding:0}

    •   html, body {height:100%;width:100%;overflow:hidden}

    •   table {height:100%;width:100%;table-layout:static;border-collapse:collapse}

    •   iframe {height:100%;width:100%}

    •   .header {border-bottom:1px solid #000}

    •   .content {height:100%}

    •   </style>

    • </head>

    • </body>

    •   <center><h1>Orion WPM Players (1024x768)</h1></center>

    •   <iframe src="http://orion/Orion/DetachResource.aspx?ResourceID=4660&NetObject=&AccountID=WebViewer&Password=reado..." frameborder="0"></iframe>

    • </body>

      Note: I've got a php script that rotates a series of pages (dashboardwatch.php)

Level 9

Thanks for that cgregors. It is certainly a step towards what I am looking for. Now if only I could keep the connection context when clicking on links....Also, is it possible to detach whole VIEWS without the rest(top logo/bar etch)?Or would I have to combine many  small iframes with detached resources on a page to simulate that?



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To remove logo and other graphics, append


to any given URL.