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Can we integrate NPM and O365 Sharepoint website?

Can we integrate NPM and O365 SharePoint website? For displaying Availability and Performance of MPLS links?

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I have some integration to our Sharepoint sites through use of the custom HTML and external link resources. When we decide to display Solarwinds data in Sharepoint we prefer a link to a map or resource.

For example click export on a chart get your settings then save off the URL...

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Yes you can also use the External URL objects from the Network Atlas to link with the Sharepoint.


This need customization at your end to create as required .

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Hello. that required some customization on the webpages and depends what you wanted to integrate on the page.

Try the below links and find out the best for you .

Adding Custom View to Orion " Menu Bar " (Shortcut)

Custom HTML

Hidden Gem: The Custom HTML Resource

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