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Level 9

Can't add Menu Bars :/

Hi there 🙂 

I've spent all morning trying to add a menu bar next to the default ones, but I'm not sure if I'm missing something.

Product versions I'm using are: SolarWinds Orion Core 2011.1.1, APM 4.0.2 SP4, NCM 6.1, NPM 10.1.3

I have followed the following steps logged in as myself (with admin rights):


1. Settings > Customize > Customize Menu Bars.

At the bottom, I clicked on "+ New Menu Bar" then I gave it a name "Availability".

I then added one or two Menu Items from the left, just to populate the Menu Bar to see if it works.


2. I then proceeded to edit the account for which the new Menu Bar should be displayed.

On the "Edit [accountname] Account" screen, under "Default Menu Bar" - only the 5 default menu bars are listed there, with dropdown menus next to them. If I click on one of the dropdown menus, I can see the new menu that I added, namely "Availability". (this basically assigns the Menu to that specific menu bar). 

And that's where I'm stuck! There is no place where I can actually set the New "custom" Menu Bar to appear next to the Default ones at the top of the main screen 😞

Please tell me I'm not stupid!! I am still quite new to this but I am figuring it out slowly but surely!! 😄 


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Level 12

Hi Digi,

I think this is one of the weaknesses in SolarWinds at present... What you want to do can't (easily) be done. Each of the Tabs on the menu bar is an image. This means you are stuck with the colour scheme, the text, etc. It also means you are limited to those tabs. What you end up doing is assigning your new menu bar to one of the existing tabs, and it looking just Plain Wrong (TM). In the case of what I once tried, I wanted a toolbar of my most used links, but i ended up having to assign it to the Virtualisation tab (we don't use any Virtualisation, so it was the only available tab!)

Of course, the work around if you have a tab you don't need would be to generate your own button image for it; but that's just Plain Wrong (tm) IMO as it's liable to break things, or be broken in updates.

It would be nice to see SolarWinds become a lot more configurable in terms of the menus. I would like to be able to chance the tabs to be a different colour to fit with our corporate identity (I can change the logo, but that now looks out of place) and I think it would be better if the tabs were a plain background image with text overlaid; thus allowing the ability to create you own tabs (i.e. not be tied in to the default ones).

Of course, there may be something I've missed in terms of adding new tabs, but my comments on the customising still stands 🙂

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Level 9

Hi nrms 🙂

I thought I might be going crazy, but I have seen some "screenshots" of pages with other Menu Tabs, some up to 8 or 9 🙂

I would actually like to add 3 new Menu Bars so I can't really even make use of the above workaround - even if it wasn't such a bad idea! *lol*

Do you think it's worth pursuing this or should I just wait for a release update?



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Level 12

I think as you install more add-ons you get more tabs, so there must be some logic for that sort of thing built into the software.

Given it's been raised on here, hopefully one of the moderators will pick up on it and add it to the feature request list (or add you as another person who wants this feature if it's already on there). And if more people read this and signify it's something they want, they also get added to the feature request, and so it (hopefully) gets more priority.

Lying on desks kicking and screaming in the hope they give in and add it straight away probably won't help though 😉

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Level 9

*LOL* Thanks nrms! 🙂

I will speak to my manager to see how they would like it done in the meantime.

Will wait patiently to see if it's included in a future release! 🙂

Take care,

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