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Can I measure bandwith


Is there some way of measure how much bandwidth I actually get from my WAN links with Orion products?

I want to measure between my own sites, not to a test-site on the internet. From central Orion to Cisco devices on the remote sites.

(No, SAM and the Download Speed Monitor is not an option here)


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The Download Speed Monitor is how you would accomplish this, I don't know of any way to do it with the Netman products. You could might be able to whip something up in Powershell... do you have SAM licensing?

No, this customer don't have SAM....yet 😉

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As far as I know NPM gets bandwidth from interfaces OIDs by SNMP (on WAN device). For more information you may go to Success Center If you have better information about real bandwidth you may edit interface property and overwrite the value. So this information is polled from entities by NPM.

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Yes I know that. But this is only info about what speed the interface has. Not what I actually get from the link. In this case a wan link with lots of nodes from ISP that I don't see.

I want to measure the actual speed I get.

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You can get actual transmit and receive bps info using relevant OIDs and calculate utilization. Most interfaces bring utilization data directly from device via SNMP and OIDs.

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Yes I know that. I get interface speed and how much it is using. But I want to measure max throughput on the link.

Say I pay for a 100 Mbit link from site A to B, but how fast is the link actually? Maybe I only get 75 Mbit.

I can see my interfaces are configured in 100Mbit, I can see how much I use.

Like an internet speed test (Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test ) but between my sites.

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Hi Seashore

You can ask your service provider for rfc 2544 test site 2 site

They should definitely deliver that service...

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As I understand you have ISP in between your A and B locations. So if you get 75 Mbit and utilization 100% on the link then probably you have only 75 Mbit throughput rather then 100 Mbit. Does it make sense?

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