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Can I add RSS Feeds to my Orion summary web page?


Can I add RSS Feeds to my Summary Orion webpage?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

What feeds are you interested in pulling in?

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These RSS feeds are mainly from internel sources.  We have an internal helpdesk website, it would be nice to show the support teams current open calls or just my open calls.  So the summary page will show the general health of our LAN and WAN aswell as an open calls.

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You can add a custom HTML resource with an iframe in it like this:

<iframe src="/custom/rss.aspx" style="width:100%;height:300px" />

Then drop a simple rss read on your server.  A good example of an AJAX/.NET rss read can be found here


Good luck,

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A small correction.  The custom html should look like this:

<iframe src="/custom/rss.aspx" style="width:100%;height:300px"></iframe>

IE doesn't render the rest of the column without the opening and closing tags. 🙂