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Level 8

CVE Feeds now compressed?


I noticed the the NVD site recently changed the way that it present vulnerability feeds from non-compressed to compressed:


This means I now get an error every time NCM tries to grab the latest vulnerability info as it's looking for the xml:


Are people running a local winzip type tool on their plling engines to decompress the feeds before Solarwinds does the import? Or is there another location where I can point NCM to an uncompressed (and reliable) feed?

Thanks in advance


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Level 12

Just came across this same issue and I quickly put this powershell together -

(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('','C:\Temp\nvdcve-2.0-Modified.x... -com shell.application).namespace('C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\NCM\Vuln\Xml').CopyHere((new-object -com shell.application).namespace('C:\Temp\').Items(),16);

(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('','C:\Temp\nvdcve-2.0-Recent.xml.z... -com shell.application).namespace('C:\ProgramData\SolarWinds\NCM\Vuln\Xml').CopyHere((new-object -com shell.application).namespace('C:\Temp\').Items(),16);

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Level 8

Yea I did something similar.

Save the below as a ps1 file, like nvdupdate.ps1.


$SOURCEDIR = "C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\NCM\Vuln\Source"

$TARGETDIR = "C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\NCM\Vuln\Xml"

$ErrorActionPreference  = "Stop";

Write-Host "Starting retrieval...¦" -foregroundcolor yellow;

#Check if source directory exists, if not create

if(!(Test-Path -Path $SOURCEDIR )){

    New-Item -ItemType directory -Path $SOURCEDIR


#Retrieve the compressed NVD Data Feeds

wget -OutFile $SOURCEDIR\

wget -OutFile $SOURCEDIR\

#Check if target directory exists, if not create

if(!(Test-Path -Path $TARGETDIR )){

    New-Item -ItemType directory -Path $TARGETDIR


Write-Host "Cleanup of old files...¦" -foregroundcolor yellow;

#Remove previous zip and extracted xml file older than 6 days

Get-ChildItem $SOURCEDIR -Recurse | ? {-not $_.PSIsContainer -and $_.CreationTime -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-6)} | Remove-Item

Get-ChildItem $TARGETDIR -Recurse | ? {-not $_.PSIsContainer -and $_.CreationTime -lt (Get-Date).AddDays(-6)} | Remove-Item

Write-Host "Uncompress new files to directory...¦" -foregroundcolor yellow;

#Unzip the compressed NVD Data Feeds

Add-Type -assembly ""

[io.compression.zipfile]::ExtractToDirectory("$SOURCEDIR\", "$TARGETDIR")

[io.compression.zipfile]::ExtractToDirectory("$SOURCEDIR\", "$TARGETDIR")

#Complete update

write-host "Update complete." -foregroundcolor green;

You can import the below into task manager to get it to run on a schedule, change the highlighted parts to fit your config.  Save the below as an XML to import into Task Manager.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>

<Task version="1.3" xmlns="">











          <Sunday />







    <Principal id="Author">






























  <Actions Context="Author">








Level 9

Thanks, this was very helpful.

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Level 8

Same issue here.  What are folks doing to make these available?

I was just thinking you could use powershell to get the latest file and extract it to a place on the NPM server for retrieval.

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Level 8

Yep that’s as far as I got but I’m not sure how to script it to run every week.

I might have a look at this:

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Level 8

Thanks for the quick reply.

I've got some running as scheduled tasks using something like that link.  Once I get this up and running I'll share.

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Level 10

Encountered the same issue as well. Would hope if NCM can handle the compressed files.

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