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Level 8

CPU information is not showing

Hello, I am new in the solarwinds atmosphere, and right now We have add 20 remote nodes with snmp v3, everything worked fine with the credential and communication, but when We were checking the vital stats, we realized that the CPU information were not there.

We have add local routers and switches and all are showing the cpu information as it should, I dont know if there´s a problem because We are communicate with the remote nodes by VPN.



This is all the information that I can get with the tool, Can someone could help me with this problem?


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Level 16

from screenshot its a Sonicwall devce.. i would suggest you to search the forum if this device type is supported completely...

Else you will need to create Universal Device Poller and configure...

pratikmehta003​ I create a Custom poller, it work just fine, I used the OID:

Thanks!!!! for the help


All right, I will search if those Devices are supported

Do you have a link or a manual where I can find the configuration of the Universal Device Poller? Just if I dont find the other thing haha.

Thanks for the help!

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sorry was stuck with few things so couldnt respond.. Glad that you were able to resolve...

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Level 16

please move this thread under NPM section to get faster response.

Can you confirm what devices are these?

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