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CPU cores utilisation of Each core alerts of Firewall

We want CPU core utilization of each core on alert of checkpoint firewall

 for example alert like


Core1 %util: 5%

Core2 %util: 10%

Core3 %util: 11%

Core4 %util: 85%

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Not sure if I can help or not, but am a bit confused.

Do you want a resource that displays the CPU of each CPU, as you illustrated in your message?

Or are you looking to do an alert on each CPU separately where if it goes above a certain % it emails you or something?

Wasn't quite sure from how you asked the question.

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We want alert for CPU goes 85% high also in alert email notification it should send variation for like core 1 % usage

core 2 -  4% usage

core 3 - 8 % usage 

core 4   -6% usage 

core 5  85 % usage 


like that we want alert email notification then how to configure it for same

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