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Bulk add/discover agents

We are managing one of our remote environments via agent, server-initiated.  Only connectivity between Poller and nodes is port 17790.  The agents are all deployed as part of the build process.   From what I can tell so far, there is no easy way to bulk discover agents.  Looking at SWQL explorer, I could probably script it, but still not ideal.

Am I missing something?  I would prefer to avoid a manual process on 200 servers.

Thank you in advance for any advice


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Anyone else looking for an answer... prepare to be disappointed.   Hopefully this is on the roadmap.  Otherwise, Solarwinds will most likely be off of ours.

'There is no automated process to mass discover agents you have to do it manually. Not sure if this is possible with SQL scriptas we are not the best resource on that.  However, setting your expectation – writing an SQL query is beyond our scope. You can consult your DBA or SQL expert on this."

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We've made some fairly significant improvements to Agent Discovery in the latest release of the Orion Platform. For more details, follow the link below.

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i'm getting the same message.  don't have privileges to view.

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Hi alterego,

I cant open your link.
It says i dnt have privileges to do so!
Can u pls suggest...?

Need to so mass servers discovery in a way to be able to choose resources as well in one go than doing individually.