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Level 9

Bug with custom field drop down lists and alerting

I just reported this as a bug to to support, but thought I would also post it here for anyone else that may experience this.

If you add a custom field drop down (other than Yes/No) and then create an alert that says "is not equal to" and use the drop down, the alert will not work.

In my case, I have a custom field called "District" and a drop down list with multiple entries.


When I set the alert up like this, it does not work:


Node custom properties:


If I remove the custom field from the alert, then it will trigger:



Initially support tried to tell me that development said this was expected behavior. They advised that you cannot use drop down lists (other than Yes/No) in alerts.

1) That's absolutely ridiculous

2) That's not true.

I changed a node to to have the district set to Reynolds


Then I change the alert to say if the district "is equal to" Reynolds send the alert


and that works


This is clearly a bug.

I wanted to post this here in case anyone else ran into this. The support technician told me he advised another customer last week that they couldn't do alerting on custom field drop downs so I wanted to get the word out that you should be able to and that this needs to be fixed.

The support technician told me he was escalating this to development so my other reason for this post is to make sure that this does not slip through the cracks. This is a pretty big deal for us.

My case number for this is 00124609.

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Level 13

I know this has been addressed, and everyone agrees its not a bug. But in case anyone needs more information - it's here:

Alerts not triggering when custom property value is NULL

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This is a fundamental issue with SQL, not really a bug per se, you just have to know how to work around it.  in SQL a null (which is being displayed as "None" in the GUI in your screenshot) is not able to be compared to any actual values.   So in DB terms, if you said NULL != 'reynolds' it would always report false, thats common to all SQL that I've ever used.  You just need to set the logic to be something like this with a nested condition block

node is down


(district is blank


district not equal to reynolds)

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Level 9

Nope, it was working for awhile and now it's broke again.

The custom field is populated for all nodes and we're no longer getting down notifications again.

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Level 10

shattori​ was thjis ever resolved, or confirmed to be a more than an issue for your environment?


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Level 9

Yes, the fix was to populate that custom field for all nodes. I used a SQL script to do it ( vs. hand editing every node).

It's now a required field when adding nodes.

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Level 9

That is indeed true, we did resolve it by populating that custom field (which is not a required field).

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