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Level 12

Broken links in web ui

Had a search for 'broken links' in the forums, but nothing came up... Just wondered whether there was a consolidated area to report these as I've found one today ?

Logging on this morning, it seems my:


SAM Database Maintenance Is Overdue

Tables in your database contain data that is older than data retention policies allow. This can be an indication of database maintenance errors. Help me fix this

Clicking on the 'help me fix this' link takes me here:

Oops! This Page Doesn't Exist!

We're sorry. You have come across a page that does not exist or has been moved. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to explore other pages on our site that are listed below. Return to home page »

Instance Error Identifier: 20160411_072b2008-cdb6-401c-a682-3930908b5f3d

If there is an already accepted way to report these, apologies, but please let me know.

Otherwise, have a great Monday everyone!!

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