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Level 19

Bravo NPM PM for Manual Connections!

Yes! I upgraded to 2019.4 and created a manual connection. I really appreciate the option to propagate the change to all maps with that connection.  This fixed my red dashed links on my Network Atlas created map! AWESOME!!!

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Level 13

I guess the boss was looking for connection and BW info, not just the arrows.

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That is what this connection represents - if there is a connection established and the latency and packet loss between the systems communicating. 


Here is an example from the online environment -


Taken from this post - Orion Platform 2018.2 Improvements - Chapter Two - Intelligent Mapping

Application Dependency Connection

For those of you unfamiliar with the ADM Connections, this was a feature introduced in Server & Application Monitor 6.6 which allows you to quickly see which applications or systems are communicating to each other.  You can learn more about that feature here Announcing General Availability of Server & Application (SAM) 6.6.  Since Orion Maps is a feature of the platform, we don't want to leave anyone out, so of course this type of communication is captured and also mapped automatically as a distinct connection type.  There are two possible visualizations you may notice depending on how you adjusted Application Connection Settings.  With Connection Quality Polling enabled, the connections will highlight additional data pertaining to TCP latency and packet loss between the two entities.


Selecting an ADM Connection will provide a list of the processes communicating between the two systems and allow for additional detail by drilling into the Connection Details page.

ADM Inspector Panel.gif

If you have not enabled Connection Quality polling, we will represent the relationship on the canvas by a light blue line with no metric pill.  This connection is still automatically identified, and therefore mapped within the canvas.  You will also have access to the Connection Details page.



Thank you very much for all the data and examples, this is what I needed.

So all of these work like the legacy maps, meaning I can drop these in locked down views protected per client login?

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If the question is - Do Orion Maps adhere to limitations? - the answer is yes. 

Level 13

Can anyone please show a map with NPM's Topology data and SAM's Application Dependency Connections?

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Here is an example - I don't have all the DC's communicating currently - hopefully this helps.


Level 16

They can close your FR?about time ?

Created on Jun 3, 2014 5:05 PM by Andy McBride - Last Modified: Jun 3, 2014 5:05 PM

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Level 13

No pics? 

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There is an entire post dedicated to it! - Orion Platform 2019.4 - Orion Maps is Now Available

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Thanks, looking for customer pics too, ala the 'show us your maps threads'.

I guess these will come in due time.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Glad you are happy with the latest release mcbridea - while jason.carrier​ really likes it too, this feature was brought to you by the Orion Maps Project team .  We have a lot more in store for the next release, stay tuned!

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