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Best and effective way and tool to monitor/analyze the bandwidth

Hi ,

what would be the best tool to identify and analyze the bandwidth of ISP routers .can NPM do that or need to work with bandwidth analyzer tool?

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Hi reply.prak,

You have a couple of options.

  1. Update to NPM 11 and use the deep packet inspection feature. You will need to use the network packet sensor and connect to a SPAN port
  2. If you can configure NetFlow (or some other flow standard) on your ISP routers you could use a product like SolarWinds NTA
  3. Install something like LANGuardian which also does deep packet inspection but can also capture metadata (websites, urls, resource names). This can also integrate with your NPM solution.


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Thanks for your inputs. But i tried it through real time bandwidth tool and

it is showing me the desired result.

On 6 Nov, 2014 9:26 PM, "darragh.delaney" <

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One of the Best Bandwidth Monitoring Tools which I know are

  1. BitMeter OS
  2. FreeMeter Bandwidth Monitor
  3. ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter
  4. BandwidthD
  5. PRTG Bandwidth Monitor


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