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Bandwidth reports

How can I get reports monthly on the amount of bandwidth being used monthly using solarwinds orion? Can I set it up to send emails each month?

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then doing this

When you edit the table for the report, try adding a column.

Orion Object: Interface
Group By: No Grouping

Select Interface History on the left panel then in the middle, it will show all available data that the web console can compute. The best options I can see are the following:

Total Bytes Transmitted
Total Bytes Recieved
Total Bytes (Transmitted + Received)
Total Packets Transmitted
Total Packets Received
Total Packets (Transmitted + Received)
Total Average Percent Utilization

Level 11

I was able to get it working by doing this

1.      Login to Orion web server and launch Orion web console.

2.      Click Report > All Reports > Manage Reports.

3.      Look for Global Top 25 Interfaces by Traffic Utilization, select it then click Duplicate and Edit.

4.      Rename the report to any name you want.

5.      You will see For drop down menu is set to Interfaces, click Edit.

6.      Selection Method should be set to Specific Objects. Show is set to Interfaces.

7.      Look for the uplink ports that you want to include on the report, click Add to Layout.

8.      Click Edit Table, rename the table to any name you want.

9.      I suggest columns to show up are as follows:

Node Name

Node Status

Interface Name

Interface Status

Total Average BPS (Transmitted + Received)

10.   Timestamp will be automatically added to the columns, select Month from Past hour on the Sample Interval.

11.   Sort Results by Total Average Bps – Interface Traffic History – Ascending.

12.   Click Submit and it will take you back to Edit Report page.

13.   Click Next then next again to Properties, just edit the report description.

14.   Click Next then select Schedule this report to run regularly.

15.   Click Create New Schedule then set a schedule name.

16.   Add frequency, name it. Set the specific dates to you preferred ones, I suggest you set the Starting On drop down menu to Right Now.

17.   Add action, set an action, Email, print or Save to Disk.

This is a basic kb on whipping an interface bandwidth report,

Create basic report for Interface Usage in NPM - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support

Once you get familiar with the UI and how the data is arranged you can get much more elaborate than that.  Orion normally tracks total/tx/rx bytes, bps, packets, errors, discards for any monitored interface so you can whip up reporting on any of those pretty easily via the reports GUI.

Yes you can schedule reports at whatever intervals you need and they have the option of being saved to disk directly, emailed, or printing them if you are into that kind of thing.

Generate reports on a schedule

- Marc Netterfield, Github

If I set it to send me a report every first of the month will it give me the total for the previous month? The updated total for that day since I have it setup to send me a day on utilization from 12am to the time it will send the email along with a total for the month or will it just send me a daily total for each day on Day 1 of the each month?

I went in and set it up to send to me at 7am as a test. I am hoping I did it correctly.

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There is a drop down for selecting the time ranges you want your report to include, for monthly reports selecting "last month" would give you all the data from the previous calendar month, based on the server time.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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All that I see if a fequently on the email being sent no so much of a previous month data ?

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