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Level 7

Bandwidth Utilization

Here's the thing.  I have some people within the company that think it's perfectly alright to come to work and download massive quantities of "stuff" over the internet.  Yes I could block every non-company oriented protocol known to man on my firewall but I'm looking for something a little more exciting. 


I have all of my Cisco 4506 ports monitored and set to trigger a high-util alarm at 15% (out of 100Mb)  At the same time I have BW util alarms set to all MPLS and Metro Circuits.  I would like to write something to catches these two alerts and sends perhaps a seperate notification to the affect of "Internet bandwidth has increased to 75% and can be traced back to "HOSTNAME" "Fa7/2"  I'm not sure it's a good idea to que off the alarm times, because I haven't seen them hit at the same time yet.  I think the condition or severity is what I'm looking for. 


Have any of you out there put this together yet?  Please share if you have.  I'm looking for ideas.


Sincere thanks,



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Level 15

How would Orion know which HOSTNAME to trace this back to in order to populate the alert?
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