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Level 11

Bandwidth Graph Question

Hi there...

I'd like to take a list of specific interfaces on specific devices and combine them into one common "view".  This could be a report but was hoping to do this under "Custom Summary".

In our current Custom Summary I have these same interfaces totaled and presented as one graph showing a cumulative total but below that I'd also like to see each of the corresponding graphs.

Is there a way to do this?



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Level 12

It sounds like you want to create a bandwidth graph for multiple interfaces

If this is in fact what you want, then you should look at adding a "Multiple Object Chart" resource to your Solarwinds.

You can represent the different interfaces on a single chart

BW chart.JPG

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Level 13


You can use use Custom object resource, where you can add any interface and bind any graph to that interface. Is that enough for you?


Thank you - we ended up building a full report to get what we wanted.  This was once we got some help on how to build it.

Level 11

No solution to this?   I hate to fire up a copy of Cacti to do this - would rather do it in Solarwinds

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