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Bad Trap Packet Received

I have a very large network. I keep receiving these errors that read Bad trap packet received from Node with IP Error description : Unknown user and engine. Packet discarded. I found some steps online to try and solve this issue. However, after verified that the username on the trap was the same as the node on Orion, as well, I tried adding in the command snmp-server trap-source loopback 0, I am still receiving these errors. I was wondering if anyone else has had this same issue and if anyone has found a fix for this?

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Disable the traps and the errors will go away at least from SonicWALL perspective.  That stopped all the errors from coming in.   They did fix the problem on Gen 6 appliances, but if you have old Gen 5 it will still respond this way. Just take out the server IP in Traps and you will be fine to do SNMP get to monitor the device.

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Thank you silverback for the link to the customer portal, I was not the one personally who bought the license, I'm just one of the technicians and have been having to learn a lot very fast. I will let you know if I find a solution for this issue.

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Hello , its a bit late however i am just wondering do you still have the same issue ? Have you opened any support ticket ? Did you issue get resolved ?

Please feel free to contact me directly (PM) if you need any assistance .

I have seen some customer added the Node via ICMP only and still sending the Traps to the Orion service and having the same issue .

I am sure if this is not the case with you then your issue might be very interesting to resolve , and we can share with others community members  .

Thank you

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Level 12

I am having this issue as well but only with nodes setup as ICMP for "Polling Method."  Why would a trap even be sent if polling is set to ICMP only?  The nodes are firewalls so does that make a difference?  A PC setup the same way gives me no issues so is the firewall sending a trap by default?  Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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start a new thread -- unless you are running a really old version of Solarwinds it's unlikely yhe answer to an install from 2015 is the answer you need right now.

Also, just because a node is polled using ICMP does not mean that it can't send traps, or random UDP packets to the servers on port 162.

You may need to run wireshark on your solarwinds server and capture packets from the offending host


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That is the exact link I was discussing when I talked about the fact that I ensured the usernames were correct. Everything I have should be correct but everyone knows that even 1 router or switch having 1 line missing or a single number incorrect can cause a lot of issues. Being such a vast network its extremely difficult to check every line of code and I currently do not have access to wire shark. Also I am new to the thwack community and don't know how to submit the urgent support tickets.

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We'll do our best to help you, but your best bet is to log in to the SolarWinds Customer Portal and submit a new ticket. You would have been given access to this when you bought the license. Failing that, give them a call .

Like you, we're all SolarWinds users, whether as part of our day job or consultants who specialise in helping SolarWinds customers get the most out of their purchases. I come in the latter category, but beyond suggesting going through the link I shared, there isn't much I can do for you from here I'm afraid.

When you raise your ticket, put this thread's URL into the ticket request, so they can see you've been asking for help here also. Hopefully it'll expedite things for you.

Hope you get it sorted!

A quick google found the following:

Bad trap packet received from Node with IP XX.XX.XX.XX. Error description : Unknown user and engine....

Hopefully GoldTipu‌'s post can help you sort this out, as his document nails what you need to do to verify the trap received by Orion is usable.

If you have followed the recommendations in the post, I recommend you raise an urgent support ticket if you need expedited assistance with this. Once you've raised the ticket, and had a ticket reference, give them a call to speed things up even further

Level 8

I really need help with this issue. I can't figure out why I keep getting these errors.

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