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Backup Server/Database Error - Connecting to the same database?

I am still fairly new to SolarWinds, so this problem I am having may just be a simple mistake or something I have overlooked. I am hoping someone with more experience than I can figure this out, as I have yet to find a solution in previous discussions.

I am currently in the process of setting up a backup server for the active SolarWinds server that I use. This is where NPM resides. I had the activate DB server's database restored to the new DB server and I have not been able to connect the backup server to it (the new one.)

What currently exists:

  • App Server 1 === Connected to ===> DB Server 1

What I have done so far:

  • DB Server 1 === Replicated to ===> DB Server 2

What I am trying to accomplish:

  • App Server 2 === Connected to ===> DB Server 2

My problem:

  • App Server 1 === Connected to ===> DB Server 2  ???

When I use the configuration wizard in App Server 2 and attempt to connect it to DB Server 2, I get an error message telling me that it detects multiple polling engines. From what I understand, this error is telling me that I am unable to connect the new App Server to the new DB Server because the old (active) App Server is already connected to the new DB Server somehow. While this is technically the "same" database since it was replicated from the old (active) database, it is on a completely different machine. I am confused why this is happening. To me, logically there shouldn't be any connections getting snagged since this new database I am attempting to connect to is on a new and different database server. Any help or ideas are appreciated. Thank you.


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