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Backing up Network Atlas Maps

Hi all,

I am currently setting up a new monitoring platform for a client, on the old platform they have lots of maps they have created that they would like backing up and porting over to the new platform.  I was just wondering if it is possible to do this?


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Product Manager
Product Manager

What version are they on?  In older versions we stored the maps on the file system, but in more recent version we are storing them in the database.

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The platform being phased out is NPM 9.5.1

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9.5.1 the maps are stored on the file system.  You should be able to copy that folder/directory and that is your backup.  In newer versions the maps are in the database, starting with 10.0 I believe.  

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Do we have a procedure for 10.x and above? I am relocating our NMS, and starting with a fresh database - I would like to also export the 30+ maps we have created already.

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All maps are contained in MapStudioFiles table. The best way for moving them elsewhere is backup of this table from original place and restore it to the target database

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Is there any way to take the maps from the old platform and port them to the new platform/ database?

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The following procedure, provided in the SolarWinds Knowledge Base article, "Moving Older Map Maker Maps" should help:

For versions of Orion NPM prior to 9.5, you will need to follow the steps in this section. Newer versions of Orion NPM include the Network Atlas maps, which are stored in the database so there's nothing to move.

The best way to move your custom Map Maker maps from the old server to the new is to use the Publish to Remote Web Server utility within Map Maker. Using this utility ensures that all your custom maps, icons, and backgrounds transfer correctly.

Note: Maps and map objects created or edited in Orion Network Atlas are stored in the Orion database. If the database is successfully migrated, there is no need to migrate any additional Network Atlas map files. For more information about migrating your Orion database, see “Moving Your Orion NPM Database” at

To copy your custom maps to the new Orion NPM server:

  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Map Maker.
  2. Click File > Publish to Remote Web Server.
  3. Type either the IP address or the name of the new Orion NPM server in the Remote Web Server field.
  4. If you did not install Orion NPM in the default path on the new server, either click the ellipsis (...) or click Select the Installation Directory, and then browse to the \Orion folder on the new server.
  5. If you want to specify which maps you wish to publish to the remote web server, uncheck Complete Synchronization.
    Note: This feature helps when multiple users are creating and publishing maps at different intervals.
  6. Click OK to publish your maps to the new server.
  7. Click OK when the transfer has completed.
  8. Close Map Maker.
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Anyone able to assist? Please?

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