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Level 12

BGP Neighbor IPs are still showing though they were removed from the router

We have a Cisco ASR1002-X device being monitored in Solarwinds. We had alerts for BGP neighbor down. When checked with network team, they confirmed that those were removed from the router.

But still we see them in Solarwinds and alerts are not getting cleared automatically. I have done Re-discover and Poll Now. Found 3 interfaces were in unknown status (related to them), removed them as well.

Still same issue.

BGP Router neighbor issue.JPG

How to get rid of them from Solawrinds monitoring? From where we can remove them, so that they won't show up and reflect in the alerts?

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Level 9

You may need to remove the entries from your database (assuming that that haven't already aged out).

Using the link above, follow these instructions (instead of removing duplicate you are removing old entires). I've had to do this a few times in the past.

Level 14

Pretty sure the BGP neighbours are reported directly from the device's SNMP agent.

Chek this by polling the BGPpeerTable (