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Level 8

Avg CPU Load& MEM Statistics not showing custom threshold properties


Is anyone aware of a way to change the colors/flags for the Average CPU Load & Memory Statistics Widget. It isn't showing the proper color for my custom thresholds. The Node is also showing caution and Critical at the Default Thresholds, but not alerting. So, the thresholds are reporting accurately, but the color and warning flags are not.


Any Ideas?




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Level 16

It looks to be an issue with that resource if you go to the vital stats page does it show correctly? Try adding another resource like the linear gauge or percent memory used modern chart.

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Hi @neomatrix1217 ,

Thanks for your response. Great question. The "CPU Load & Memory Utilization" gauges on the Vital Stats page are, in fact, showing the custom thresholds. 

So it would seem the issue is with the "Average CPU Load $ Memory Utilization" widget. Unfortunately, it looks like node status display is still being based on this.

Alerts are not being generated, only the Node Status Symbol and "Average CPU Load $ Memory Utilization" widget appear to be showing this information.

What do you suggest? A random sample of WMI nodes shows the same on all Windows nodes. 



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