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Level 14

Average availability of the group

I want to produce a report that shows average availability of the group as well as average availability of the members within that group. Also I want to see average group availability resource/chart on the resources page.

Currently it is not possible without Advanced SQL Query. It only shows %100 or %0 ???. Because it simply provides the current availability of the group members rather than the average availability of the group members.  

I am not an SQL expert. There must a be a better way. Also it is not possible to see the average of the group chart on the group details page.

Please include this features in the next release.


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Level 9

Hi ctopaloglu,

The average group availability shows 0% or 100% because group can be in up or down state. So graph is generated from 0 and 100 that's why it shows only these two variants.

If you choose bigger period with larger interval for graph you will probably see numbers different from 0 and 100.

Regarding the resource with group members availability we don't have such a resource yet.

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