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Availability Search Widget

I am trying to create a wigdet to be able to search for any particular groups availability. I am trying to create a custom query search, but I cannot seem to get the syntax right.

Anybody real good with swql available to help?

I essentially want something like this so I can search for a group in the top right and it will tell me its availability for the past month.


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Something like


N.Caption as [Node Name], '/Orion/images/StatusIcons/small-' + ToString(N.StatusIcon) AS [_IconFor_Node Name], '/Orion/NetPerfMon/NodeDetails.aspx?NetObject=N%3a'+ToString(N.NodeID) AS [_LinkFor_Node Name]

RT.InterfaceName AS [Interface Name],

RT.RouteDestination AS [Route Destination],

RT.RouteMaskLen AS [CIDR],

RT.RouteNextHop AS [Route Next Hop],

RT.Metric, RT.ProtocolName AS [Protocol Name]

FROM Orion.Routing.RoutingTable AS RT

LEFT JOIN Orion.Nodes AS N on RT.NodeID=N.NodeID

But for group availability....

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