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Automatic Custom Property settings during/after Discovery or Node creation


I am looking for some help in terms of building logic. Our challenge is we have different teams Server and Network using the Solarwinds. Network team has the complete view and server Team has limited view for Server and SAM.

When new nodes are auto discovered on a daily basis, I would like to have it added in the solarwinds DB with specific attributes (custom properties) based on the name of the nodes. These attributes are used to provide the Server Team their view and also order the nodes in a heirarchical tree structure like Region-Country and then Node names.

I have seen some references in this forum about creating an alert logic to assign attributes, are there any other ways ?

Ideally it would be great if Solarwinds could update the sonar discovery process to include the setting up of attributes during the discovery process. Also if groups can be automatically created based on part of node name.




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