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Automate custom property fill in


I would like to somehow automate custom property fill in for nodes in our NPM. We are using standardized names for devices so we would like to set it up that it will search for it is name and assign custom property to match it.

I know it is possible to set custom property for node name with alert but our situation is little bit more complex. We have custom properties responsible for network device type and it is location.

Meaning that if i would like to automate it for location i would need to make alerts for each location we have but I would like to avoid that as we can have location name in device name, so i would like to use that.

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Groups can be automatically populated (via dynamic query).  Have you considered using groups for whatever end goal had you looking at a custom property solution?

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There are 2 ways

1. API GitHub - solarwinds/OrionSDK: SDK for the SolarWinds Orion platform, including tools, documentation,...

What I use to some CP

2.Alert  that run  one a day and look for that missing CP ( easy way )

That alert look for Node with CP=CPE and "Owner" CP is empty



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Hey, thanks for your answer. Second option I know, it is just we have over 70 locations and i would have to make 70+ alerts - which I am not really a big fan to make .

I will check with API and Powershell


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I also use both of these techniques with clients, i show everyone the alert engine method in case they aren't super strong in powershell, and then if they have skills with powershell I show them how to use the API to set properties.  Another option I've used to scale up the alert method is to build one out by hand, then export it, make 70 copies of the alert and use notepad++ to do some find/replace operations to create my 70 alerts faster than using the GUI, but slower than powershell.  Works for clients who wouldn't be able to maintain or build on scripted stuff if thats all I left them with.

- Marc Netterfield, Github