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Automate Node Assignments To Polling Engines By Subnet Masks / CIDR

I have a complex custom SQL query that watches for nodes being assigned to the "wrong" polling engine and sends out an alert.  It would be nice if we could set the "preferred" Polling Engine subnet masks / CIDRs as a property of the Polling Engine, then when we enter the Server / IP on the Add Nodes page (or they're discovered) we get the proper Polling Engine listed in or filtered down in the Polling Engine selection list.  And if it doesn't match the Polling Engine preferred subnets, that it says so (like "subnet not seen / undefined for this system" or something like that).

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You may be able to create an alert configuration like this one, which would give you flexiblity to match based on VLAN or any other custom property. Then, use the action to dynamically assign a node to the proper polling engine.



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