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Level 8

Autolocation of Groups with longitude latitude values

Hi Everyone,

According to documents, worldwide map auto-locates nodes with location values and can also be able to locate nodes/groups that have latitude/longitude values.

I did not try long/latitude autolocation for our nodes, because they were all managed and have snmp/wmi location values.

But, after we add all our nodes to worldwide map I realise that worldwide map not monitors interface status and interface high percent usages.

This is a missing feature in my opinion. Because solarwinds already monitors theese parameters but provides "full visibility" on different pages.

P.S.:I have already requested a request here; please vote my feature request if you are indeed.

Well then I made some research and find this;

Place objects automatically using custom properties - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


So I create a group and set a long/latitude values to my test group but worldwide map did not locate the groups(with long/latitude).

Is there anyone that tried and succeed for this issue?


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Level 7

I get Value must be a valid Floating Point Number using 51.27095 as notation for latitude.

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