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Auto geolocation via GPS coordinates resolution?

Playing around with using the Worldwide Map feature where it can geolocate a device based on its GPS coordinates and having some questions.    We're more interested in doing it for our campus, which is quite small compared to the default "Worldwide" map it does.    Which means that some buildings are somewhat close to each-other.   That's where its being a bit odd.   Two devices clearly have different coordinates, but only if you go three or four places past the decimal point, but are summed up in one "bubble".

To make things a bit more odd, both buildings in this case are at the end of an "unnamed" street on most maps, and rather than placing the bubble at the end of that street where the GPS coordinates both exist, its placing the bubble at the intersection of that street and a named one.    Almost like its snapping to the nearest named street or something.    So, curious how it works for others.  ie: does it only work to X decimal places of GPS coordinates?    Does it place the bubble on the nearest street rather than exactly where the GPS coordinate are?   Or should we be using a specific GPS coordinate system instead of the decimal system?

Just curious if anyone else is doing this and what they're experiences are?

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