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Level 14

Auto Triggering After Saving Alerts Broken (Affected Objects)

One of the cool features I've always relied on for testing and triggering changes and regenerating alerts is no longer working at all since NPM 12.0.1

Anyone else experience this feature no longer triggering an email?

Just another 12.0.1 bug mystery....

11-16-2016 2-13-58 PM.jpg

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Level 16

did u try the Simulate option? that also provides same functionality where in it will forcefully send the email trigger or the action that u simulate on.

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Yes. The results are inconsistent. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.

I have found that a brand new created alert will send an email. An alert created two years ago (default disk alert) does not. It's maddening. But yet that two year old disk alert is working ok in that it sends alerts when triggered. Only simulations and the affected objects related, alert wizard generated do not.

Corruption of some sort methinks.

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