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Auto Login from another Portal screen

We authenicate guest internet users and each property is identified with a site ID.  IT managers manage from 3 to 20 sites.


In our application the log in gives an IT manager the rights to see our admin screens with only their properties.  We woudl like to have a Tab on our screen which is Network Monitor Tab.  When the click on the tab they can only see the properties they have rights for.


So we know how to set up viewing rules to suppress items to view for each IT manager, the question is how can I have just one log in that athenicates Orion as well so when he or she clicks on the Network  tab they see the Network the are authenicated to see.



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Level 7

I am looking for the exact thing. Please let me know if you find anything.


Thank you!

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I think this might be what you need.

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