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Audit Report.

Hi All,

I am trying to create audit report . and I need 4 column in the report "Alert Trigger Time" "Alert Acknowledge Time" "Acknowledger Name" and "Alert Message"

Opened case with solarwinds they are unable to create this report.



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Create a Advanced SQL Report and check if the below query provides the results that you are looking for:

select a.TriggeredDateTime as Alert_Trigger_Time, a.AcknowledgedDateTime as Alert_Acknowledge_Time,a.AcknowledgedBy,

c.Name + ' was triggered on Object: ' + d.EntityCaption + ' on the Node: ' + d.RelatedNodeCaption + ' at this time: ' + convert (varchar, a.TriggeredDateTime) as ALERT_MESSAGE_DETAIL

from AlertConfigurations c INNER JOIN AlertObjects d

on c.AlertID=d.AlertID INNER JOIN AlertActive a

on d.AlertObjectID=a.AlertObjectID

where a.Acknowledged=1

ORDER by a.TriggeredDateTime DESC

Hope it helps.

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How do I see the same data over a specific time period?  This is only showing active alerts.

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Bye bye Alert Central....

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This Query Shows No activity to report.

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I would suspect that no one has Ack'ed an alert. If you change the 2nd to last line to ->  where a.acknowledged is NULL

You will see the un-ack'ed Alerts.

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What version on NPM are you using ?

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NPM 11.5.3

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