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Atlas Map Help!

Hi Guys, I am finding it difficult to get the Atlas Map the way I want.

Example. I have a colocation in Sydney with 3 rooms and each with approx. 10-20 devices. I want this to be represented in the map as a single site, eg, I went to customer property editor, created a column called "Site" and names it Sydney Colocation.

When I drag the "Site" into the map, I was hoping to be able to get a single node on their with a nested menu of all the devices underneath that, instead, ALL the deivces gets dragged across and clutters the screen.

Is there anyway to manipulate how nodes/sites etc are displayed on the Atlas Map?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Why not create another map called Sydney Colocation with just those nodes and then drag this map onto the parent map?

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Thanks Sounds brilliant, I cant find how to do that in the manual however, so is there any web page or document that shows me how to do that?

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Have you watched the tutorial videos which can be found here

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This is the way I have done it with 10 locations.  It seems to work the best for us.

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