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Level 11

Aruba Wireless controller syslogs

Trying to get real time change detection working for Aruba controllers.  RTCD seems to work OK, however, the syslog messages coming from the controllers are being truncated.

Wireshark shows the full syslog being received by my Orion server


however the resulting syslog entry in Orion shows:


note that the command that was issued, enclosed in brackets in the message, <write memory> was truncated.   That's the key I want to Alert on for RTCD.

The syslog server settings don't have many knobs to turn. Am I missing something somewhere else?

Is this Aruba specific, or does Orion truncate other hardware types syslog messages?

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Level 17

Looks like a possible bug. We'll see if we can repro.

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Thanks Rob,

     Let me know if I need to open a ticket to track this.

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Tracked internally under FB312522

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For troubleshooting- try Syslog viewer\File\Settings - uncheck "Remove Message Type from Syslog Message" . This will also affect every other syslog message, so we don't recommend it to leave this on for long.

You would then probably see this message:

usl77wc98 <usl77wc98> fpcli: USER:test.pacman.local\pacman COMMAND:<write memory > -- command executed successfully

"Remove Message Type from Syslog Message" - finds first occurrence of string in brackets <*> sets it in DB as Message Type, then it removes every occurrence of this string in syslog message.

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