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Are there any plans for better ticketing system integration?

Are there any plans to have better integration with ticketing systems such as Remedy?  Possibly an add-on module?

We use email today, but when we had Tivoli it would auto close tickets, and email is not a perfect method.  Our ticket count is hundreds per day and may of those are due to people working on a system, reboots, or some sort of maintenance.  (unmanage works sometimes, but that takes resources we just do not have....

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You could check out Ayehu eyeShare. It's a lightweight IT process automation solution that has a built in integartion with Remedy. The 2-way integration lets you automate alerts, ticket resolution, and ticket closure within Remedy. Instead of manual data entry and long service desk procedures, you can create a closed-loop automated process that accelerates incident management and resolution.

You could see for yourself here: Integrating Ayehu eyeShare IT process automation with BMC Remedy - YouTube.



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This thread has been out here for a while.  I'd really like to see SolarWinds chime in on their position regarding integrating with a ticketing system like Remedy.  We continually evaluate products that compete with Orion looking for that sweet spot of doing what Orion does while integrating directly with Remedy.  While I can certainly have Orion open tickets via E-mail, that bypasses our change-control logic and opens tickets for outages where there was a planned change entered, wasting troubleshooting time.  If SolarWinds has no plans to take a serious look at this, I'd appreciate a statement to that effect.  If it is something under consideration, that would be useful information too, but crickets chirping is all I seem to hear.  Custom scripting and other workarounds may make it possible for customers to achieve this, but I know this is a piece that would work better as a native integration, perhaps as a paid-for add-on module. 

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Integration with 3rd-party ticketing systems could certainly be enhanced in the future, but we can't comment on specific plans or systems to be targeted. We do have our SDK available as well that is open to any vendor that wishes to integrate from their side. Because their are different levels of integration, could you talk through a sample workflow of how you would want the two systems to talk to each other? We also did just announce today some bi-directional integration with WebHelpDesk () This allows Orion to bypass email and directly open tickets in WHD, ACK alerts from WHD, and push notes back into Orion.

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Remedy does have an open API, so if you have developers on staff they may be able to assist with something.   We use a custom java client that utilizes the API to create ticket entries.    Alerts in Orion then use the command line option to call the java app and feed it the necessary variables.   

It would still be *great* if Solarwinds will do this themselves though, as the command line is limited in that we can't capture returned ticket number in any meaningful way.  Ideally, Solarwinds would execute the command line, capture the returned ticket number, and stuff that into a variable that could be used in the next action, like an email which might go to an operations desk, service desk, or incident manager, letting them know that no only is there an issue, but that there is already a ticket open the number is #####.

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What about plans for Numara TrackIT. It would be nice to be able to set this up also...

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I cannot answer directly to your inquiry, however, some users have previously reported integrating with Remedy using syslog rules that initiate scripts that will then generate tickets.

There is also a generic TTS guide that may point you in the right direction here.

have a look here too...

post 1

post 2

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Someone posted on thwack recently that they have software to integrate Solarwinds with Service Now.  I can't remember the specifics but a quick search should find the post.

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Here's that post bobross is referring to.  Check out the last post on this thread to learn how others are integrating SolarWinds with Service Now.

Hope this helps!

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